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Ideal Brands, Inc. specializes in Personal Hygiene and Incontinence Products.
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Ideal Brands, Inc. specializes in Personal Hygiene and Incontinence Products. Our company has been founded on the notion, and the resultant dedication that our customer base is our most valued asset.
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All of our products are made to meet the needs of those with mild to heavy incontinence, as well as those with bowel incontinence.
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What is incontinence? What product is best for me?  Find out answers to these and many other questions.
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Come and join our happy family. Ideal Brands, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. If you have further questions, please contact us right away.
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We want our consumers to use all of our products with the assurance that they can participate in all of their daily activities with comfort and confidence.
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Our goal is to offer the highest quality products with the consideration and the well being of the consumer in mind. Most of our products are designed for both men and women.


Ideal Brands adult briefs are designed with consideration of maintaining user’s life style and comfort, and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Our adult diapers are perfectly fitted for both men and women. Ideal Brands briefs are fit for all types of incontinence, usually caused by aging, stress or urge.


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