Our Products

Perfectly fitted, for men and women.
Better containing with a snug fit.
Waterproof backing with extra flufff.
Thick, strong, yet gentle on skin.
Layered softness & absorbent.
Absorbent and soft to the skin
Comfortable cotton blend.
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our commitment
Our goal is to offer the highest quality products with the consideration and the well being of the consumer in mind. Most of our products are designed for both men and women.
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Our products

Ideal Brands products are designed with consideration of maintaining user’s life style and comfort.
All of our products are made to meet the needs of those with mild to heavy incontinence, as well as those with bowel incontinence. Our adult briefs have features such as Wetness Indicators. Our briefs lines are Latex Free.  High quality standard is used in manufacturing our adult diapers to offer dependable products to consumers as their satisfaction is first.
Adult Briefs
Our adult briefs are perfectly fitted for both men and women. Ideal Brands briefs are fit for all types of incontinence, usually caused by aging, stress or urge. 

Protective Underwear
Our protective underwear has standing leg gathers effective as anti-leak guard and better containment, and it also provides a snug fit.

disposable underpads
All of our underpads are designed with waterproof backing with extra flufff. Our underpads all contain Super Absorbent material for extra liquid retention at a more rapid pace.

disposable wet wipes
Our Disposable Wet Wipes are thick and strong yet gentle on the skin. From Baby to Adult, all of our Disposable Wet Wipes are Hypo- Allergenic and 100% alcohol free. Choose from three great categories of products:

waterproof sheeting
Our Water Proof Sheetings are constructed with three layers of soft fabric and barrier layer in between to avoiv leakage. They are offered in 2 sizes: 39" x 75" and 36" x 80".

Pads & liners
Ideal Brands pads are produced with features up and above other products in the market. Ideal pads are manufactured with Extra Soft Top Sheet for better protection against skin irritation

Ideal Reusable Underwear is made in cotton and it can washed repeatedly for reuse. The cotton blend makes it also comfortable and soft to skin to reduce irritation.

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For more information, please contact us at sales@Idealbrands.com, click Below for our Contacts page.

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