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What is incontinence?
Incontinence is a medical condition in which the bladder contracts involuntarily. There are several known etiologies of this condition, including though not limited to stress, urge and aging.

Regardless of the cause, afflicted individuals cannot control bladder function, resulting in involuntary loss of urine.

All of our products are made to meet the needs of those with mild to heavy incontinence, as well as those with bowel incontinence. Our adult briefs have features such as Wetness Indicators. Our briefs lines are Latex Free, and absorbent. High quality standard is used in manufacturing our adult diapers to offer dependable products to consumers as their satisfaction is first.

Our ADULT BRIEFS are perfectly fitted for both men and women. Ideal Brands briefs are fit for all types of incontinence, usually caused by aging, stress or urge. 

Our PROTECTIVE UNDERWEAR has standing leg gathers effective as anti-leak guard and better containment, and it also provides a snug fit. .

Our DISPOSABLE UNDERPADS  are designed with waterproof backing with extra fluff. Our underpads all contain Super Absorbent material for extra liquid retention at a more rapid pace.

Our DISPOSABLE WET WIPES  are Hypo- Allergenic and 100% alcohol free, thick and strong yet gentle on the skin.

Our WATERPROOF SHEETINGS  are constructed with three layers of soft fabric and barrier layer in between to avoid leakage. They are offered in 2 sizes: 39" x 75" and 36" x 80".

Our PADS & LINERS are produced with features up and above other products in the market. Ideal pads are manufactured with Extra Soft Top Sheet.

Our REUSABLE UNDERWEARS are made in cotton and it can washed repeatedly for reuse. The cotton blend makes it also comfortable and soft to skin to reduce irritation

Please remember all products are designed for ease of use. If you have further questions, please contact us at