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Perfectly fitted, for men and women.
Better containing with a snug fit.
Waterproof backing with extra flufff.
Thick, strong, yet gentle on skin.
Layered softness & absorbent.
Absorbent and soft to the skin.
Comfortable cotton blend.
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our commitment
Our goal is to offer the highest quality products with the consideration and the well being of the consumer in mind. Most of our products are designed for both men and women.
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disposable wet wipes

Ideal Brands products are designed with consideration of maintaining user’s life style and comfort.

Our Disposable Wet Wipes are thick and strong yet gentle on the skin.  From Baby to Adult, all of our Disposable Wet Wipes are Hypo- Allergenic and 100% alcohol free. 

Choose from two great categories of products: 

Our Adult Wipes are big and tough yet gentle enough for all skin types. They are extra absorbent and are packed in plastic resealable packs for easy use.  

All of our products are offered either with a great Fresh Scent with a touch of Aloe Vera, or if you prefer, they all come Unscented.

Size and packaging options 
Item #
Case Quantity

Scented Adult Wipes (48 count)

7.9 X12.4 inch (20X31.5cm)

12 packs of 48 count


Unscented Adult Wipes (48 count)

7.9 X12.4 inch (20X31.5cm)

12 packs of 48 count

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